Sports Drug Testing International


Sports Drug Testing International provide the following services:

Sport - Collection and analysis of athlete's samples in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code

  • In competition sample collection and analysis (blood and urine)
  • Out of competition sample collection and analysis (blood and urine)

Sport - Illicit drug testing in accordance with the sports individual policy

  • Sample collection and analysis in line with sports illicit (social) drug testing policy (urine / hair).

Testing Missions

SDTI coordinates all testing requests from its Sydney office  in close coordination with the relevant sports authority and instructs Drug Control Officers (DCO's) to deliver the test requirements as outlined by a test mission order.

SDTI DCO's liaise with the local nominated testing contact from the sport for assistance where required in preparation for testing missions and are provided with a letter of authorisation by the sporting body to deliver testing service for the assigned testing mission.

SDTI can also provide all documentation required for a testing mission that is developed and in accordance with the WADA international standard and protocol.

Analysis of Samples

SDTI can ship samples to any WADA accredited laboratory located throughout the world. SDTI will determine the laboratory for each testing mission in conjunction with the relevant sports authority, which are normally dependant on the location of the testing mission and the required turn around time for analysis.

Turnaround times range from expedited 48hrs to standard 10 working days from arrival of the sample to the laboratory, which is dependant on the requirements of the sport.

Non WADA accredited laboratories may be used for the analysis of samples collected outside of the World Anti-Doping Code. i.e Illicit drug testing in an out of competition scenario.

Chain of Custody

SDTI provide Chain of Custody documentation recording the dispatch of the samples by the DCO and receipt of the samples by the appointed laboratory.

Courier Service

SDTI utilise DHL for national and international shipments, samples will have a unique consignment number for tracking and are coded in accordance with international shipping requirements.

Result Management

SDTI instructs all WADA accredited laboratories to report all results to the sports client directly and provides the original doping control form to the sports client to match the results. This ensures confidentiality of the process.

The sports body coordinating the request for doping control is usually the body responsible for the result management.

SDTI field staff will be made available should they be required to provide evidence regarding the sample collection they conducted following any adverse analytical finding.